Social Services

Social Services

We holistically support the Commonwealth Government’s national priority to bridge the employment gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other Australians.

We are committed to providing sustainable work opportunities to all Australians through our provision of social services which include mentoring, upskilling and pre-employment training.

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Our mentoring program is developed to achieve optimal retention and engagement outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates.


By upskilling candidates, we fill the gap between skills and people to enable learning and development of the candidate to drive productivity, innovation and growth for the client.

Pre-Employment Training

We strategically design and deliver high-impact, tailored pre-employment programs that provide the skills, experience and understanding for candidates to be job-ready for a specific role or industry.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Gulaga Services has a current Reconciliation Action Plan – Innovate – endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

This plan has tangible and measurable steps which we have committed to as a company to achieve our vision for reconciliation which is to nurture a vibrant and connected community that involves all Australians.






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