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Learning new skills is essential in helping you move your career forward. And with so much change happening to the world of work lately, it has never been a better time than now to invest in learning.

At Gulaga Services Australia, we have a new strategy in how we upskill our people. Rather than upskilling our candidates to help them in a current role, we upskill them to prepare them for the future and the world of opportunities ahead.

Our Talent Specialists seek and identify professional and personal development opportunities for each individual candidate that are a part of our wider team.

In a case-by-case analysis, we were able to identify the best avenue for people’s careers and encourage candidates who demonstrate an appetite for learning into accredited courses and continuous learning opportunities.

We recently supported 3 of our dedicated candidates in upskilling by enabling them to undertake accredited courses through our partnered Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider.

Through this program, Jacob and Michael (pictured) were able to attend courses for First Aid and Manitou Telehandler Training which provided them with the knowledge, training and skills to effectively perform higher leading hand duties – a great outcome for both our candidates as well as our client.

We also provided upskilling and educational support to upskill Alan into meeting the industry requirements and gain his Rail Industry Worker training. This allowed Alan to expand his career opportunities and progress into working with a national Tier 1 rail company – a successful upskill which resulted in long-term job security working alongside a reputable client.

It is extremely encouraging to watch our people grow and develop into meaningful careers with our support and encouragement.

We value our people and put them at the heart of everything we do. They are behind every success story and we never forget that.

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